Precast drain In Madurai

precast drain

We manufacture Precast drains for manure cleaning purposes. Our box type drains is a joint sedimentation cum incorporation tank to treat the household sewage. The lighter solids plus grease and fat rise to the surface to form “foam” and the heavier solids settle down in the tank to form “slush” which is gradually decomposed by bacteria.

The liquid waste or waste matter goes into the drain field and undergoes corrosion. The puzzle helps to lessen the trouble of the settled sludge and keep the solids and scum in the tank. Our range of tank includes box type drains tanks; reinforced tanks and concrete tanks.

We produce CONCRETE DRAIN BOXES. This concrete drain box comes with many varieties as well clientele’s requirement.

We know the necessity of drain covers and hence dish out the best feature with unique qualities. Our drain covers are designed in such a way that the water does not escape outside and goes directly into the drainage system. They are sturdy and made with the best of raw materials. They can be used on the side of the roads to trap the rain water from getting on the road.

Our concrete drain box inner size probably like 600*600*600,450*450*450,300*300*300