Pile foundation In Coimbatore

pile foundation

 Style Earth Engineering is committed to providing Pile Foundation Works located in Bangalore, Karnataka. We have the name as the renowned Pile Foundation Contractors engaged to deliver reliable construction solution to the industries covering all over south India.These are used for various civil applications.

Foundation is the core element of any buildings. Pile foundations form a greater structure upon which enormous constructions are being carried out. It is a foundation system that transfers a structure into a deeper and hard-hitting soil layers. Piled foundations include number of concrete loads connected by a ring of concrete called a ground beam. These are principally used to maintain the safety of the multi-story buildings and the truth is that most of the raised building. There are two types of pile foundations - end bearing and friction piles.

Uses of Pile foundation:

✦ In a location where there is a weak layer of soil underneath in which it cannot support a high raise building structure. So it is required for the piles to by-pass this layer and then be transferred to the stronger layer.

✦ It is must for the huge constructions, like multi stories buildings- where there is heavy concentrated loads to be passed.

Pile foundations have the capacity to taking higher loads than the conventional foundations. By providing the righteous solution to cater the infrastructure, we remain the best in providing the pile foundation in India. Having worked with the major infrastructures, we have grown to be considered as a favored option for all important infrastructure development including Highways, raised buildings, Energy Structures, marine-based Construction, and so on. We provide turnkey foundation followed by thorough testing and monitoring.