Interlock pavers In Madurai

interlock pavers

Interlock Pavers, Interlocking Pavers, Concrete Paving Blocks

Style Earth Precast , Bangalore is a Prominent Manufacturers and Suppliers of Interlock Pavers , Interlocking Tiles, Paving Blocks, Concrete Pavers in Karnataka, India.

We offer a comprehensive choice of Interlocking Paver Block that is put on using hydraulic compression process. These Paver Blocks are used to offer elegant flooring. We supply our product in a variety of bright colors like olive green, dove grey, saffron and terracotta. These are simple to work with as these can be set without cement bonding and are easy to remove when needed.

Paving Blocks used for open-air floors are in huge demand in modern building remaining to their charisma, stoutness and wealth. Paving blocks floors can be finished in any design or outline preferred. It’s basically popular because of the unlimited variety of pleasing patterns and highlighted schemes. Paving blocks are increasingly used not only in walks ways & jogging tracks but also in entire building compounds, storage yards, petrol stations, swimming pool decks, parking lots and other landscaping areas.

Interlocking pavers provide extra strength and durability over traditional bricks and blocks and can be used to build walkways, driveways, patios and retaining walls. Because they are available in a wide variety of colors, sizes and shapes, these stones are an extremely flexible building material.

Usage Ares
• Garden borders and accents
• Driveways and entrances
• Outdoor fireplaces, kitchens and barbecues
• Pillars and columns for gazebos and pergolas
• Planters and seat walls
• Steps
• Swimming pool and spa decks

• Variable force reduction based on the type of sport
• Durable, uniform elasticity across the whole surface
• Homogenous, seamless surface
• Ideal balance between anti-slip and sliding properties
• easy to set up
• Non-slip surface
• Minimized risk of injury
• Ongoing quality monitoring during production and installation
• Quickly installed by skilled staff
• Either waterproof or water permeable
• Low care and cleaning workload
• Professional basic cleaning possible
• Durable also under intensive use
• Cost advantage: installation also carried out on unbound surfaces